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Use Giving Online® to manage your Payroll Giving recruitment.


Available to all UK charities.

See your new donators live on Giving Online® Portal, immediately after sign up with reporting of donators and donation amount.
Promotion tools to help raise more donations for your charity.
Keep in touch with your supporters with updates on your charity’s work and funding programmes.

Please login using the link below, if you have not activated your account, please email [email protected]


Overall benefits for an individual charity:

  • Regular, reliable unrestricted income stream, which allows a charity to plan ahead and budget for the future.
  • Low administration costs as the PGAs transfer the donations to the charity’s bank account and supply donor information at a nominal cost. Some employers cover this cost.
  • Charity receives total donation including tax without having to reclaim tax at a later date.
  • Many employers choose to match their employees gifts, some even double-match their contributions.
  • When Payroll Giving is included as part of a company’s CSR or CCI initiative, such as Charity of the Year, Payroll Giving can provide a legacy of giving which continues long after the original partnership has ended.

Giving Online® – The easy way to give from your pay

Giving Online® is your charity branded Payroll Giving donor recruitment website.


You can have your own branded website to promote Payroll Giving on your website, completely free of charge!

Employees use Giving Online® when your charity runs a Payroll Giving campaign, using your electronic communications to employees – text to mobiles, e-newsletters, emails, e-payslip, and desk top communications etc.

Giving Online is now accessible on smartphones, all computers and large internet TV’s.
Giving Online® has already raised over £43 million for UK charities through Payroll Giving, working with major UK employers including Tesco, BBC, Next, Network Rail, Rolls Royce and Children in Need.

Facebook Integration

Get your Facebook page generating Payroll Giving donors.

Install the simple Facebook application, to get your “Donate from Pay” tab onto your page.