Every employer in the UK can start a Payroll Giving scheme, no matter the size of your business or industry type.


  • Shows commitment to your employees
  • Improves staff morale and motivation
  • Supports good causes
  • Simple to set up and easy to run
  • Cost-effective with no set-up fees
  • Boosts your CSR profile and public image
  • Recognition via Quality Mark Awards


  • Easy and convenient - straight from their pay
  • Tax-effective - it costs less to give more
  • Supports the causes they care about
  • Flexibile - control over how much they want to donate and to which causes


There are no set-up costs for employers. Payroll Giving Agencies (Charitable Giving or Charities Trust) charges a low administration fee of 25p per donor, per month, regardless of the value of the donation and is taken from the donation. You may choose to cover this fee for your employees.

Step 1

Sign up with a Payroll Giving Agency

Step 2

Promote the scheme

Step 3

Sign up employees

Step 4

Payroll process


Register your business with an HMRC approved Payroll Giving Agency, such as Charitable Giving, Charities Trust or Charities Aid Foundation.

Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving Contract

Charities Aid Foundation

CAF Contract

Complete one contract, the choice is entirely yours. Send contract to Payroll Giving in Action and we will forward to the Payroll Giving Agency.

The Payroll Giving Agency notifies HMRC that the contract has been signed, which means your employer can begin to deduct donations from pre-taxed income straight away.

Step 2

Promote the scheme


Payroll Giving in Action can provide all the promotional tools to make your Payroll Giving scheme a huge success.

Giving Online®

Payroll Giving made easy with Giving Online.
Let your employees manage their own donations and let Giving Online automate and simplify Payroll Giving.
Giving Online is your personalised and branded Payroll Giving donor recruitment website, for all employers and charities.
You can have your own branded website to promote Payroll Giving to your employees or for charities to promote anywhere.

Fundraiser Promotions

PGA have a team of 30 professional staff covering all of the UK, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, all of which work to a strict Code of Conduct ensuring best fundraising practice.
Fundraisers:  diverse range of fundraisers covering all locations with an added ability to cover 24 hour shifts over 7 days to fit Company requirements. Enthusiastic yet light hearted presentations to inform staff on how Payroll Giving works, leaving the choice of charity to the employee.  Expert in all UK and Northern Ireland based charities.

Promotional Tools & Apps

Encourage employees to sign up digitally via social media. Integrate donation pages into Apps.  Send emails, distribute flyers, put up posters, hold an event and consider incentives such as match funding.

Step 3

Sign up employees


Manage all the donor recruitment with Giving Online®

Giving Online

Employees and PGA Fundraisers use Giving Online when your organisation runs a Payroll Giving campaign, using electronic communications to employees – text to mobiles, e-newsletters, emails, e-payslip, and desk top communications etc.
Giving Online is now accessible on smartphones, all computers and large internet TV’s.
Giving Online has already raised over £24 million for UK charities through Payroll Giving, working with major UK employers including Tesco, BBC, Arriva London, Next, Network Rail, Rolls Royce and Children in Need.

  • An online facility for your staff – an end to paper
  • A simple method to increase take-up of your scheme
  • Facility to promote Payroll Giving when you want
  • Live and immediate activity reports directly for your payroll department and Payroll Giving agency
  • Less data input time for your payroll departments
  • An email and telephone help line for staff
  • Secure and encrypted
  • You can promote your own charity of the year/charity partners

Step 4

Payroll process


On each payroll run, your payroll administrator will send the details of the deductions by secure portal or email and make one payment directly to Payroll Giving Agency.


If you need any help or advice in completing one of these contracts....